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It Always Comes Back to Running

Things change daily, and yet they never change. This is not a sad comment on reality. In fact, it’s a warm comforting thought that the things that make us feel great and can comfort us are always there. They change over time. You change over time. We all change. After a while, there is always that ability to reconnect. Over the last fourteen years, running has ebbed and flowed in my life, but is one of those things I can go back to when I need it most.

At time, I was “that runner guy” that everyone knew ran and was serious about running. Lately, it’s been a bit, “oh, you run?” The increasing pounds on my waist are a dead give away that I’m not running as seriously as a I used too. For my next marathon, my goal once is to just finish. This was also my goal during my first marathon in 2003. That was the L.A. Marathon. It took a little over six hours to finish, and given that I was a young male in my twenties, there is a good chance that I finished dead last in my division.  (I’m too scared to actually look that up).

Running has an odd influence on people. Instead of retreating, I doubled down on running. Seven months later I ran the New York City Marathon, and I finished that one in under five hours. It’s amazing what happens when you actually commit to a goal, and do the work. In 2011, I ran a 3:46 marathon, my fastest.

In the years in between and since, some weeks I ran every day.  Some months my running shoes gave me that sad puppy dog face when I never took them out of the closet. Life happens. New hobbies happens. Babies and new spouses join our lives. We move. It’s always a question of what do we want more in our life, or where do we want to spend our time.  Sometimes, it was a faster marathon.  Other days, it was  bike ride.  But, no matter what or where we are in life, once we lace up our shoes and stride back out the door, it’s like we never left. Once you find a steady stride, it feels like that will be the moment you run forever.

One of the first things I did with my now-wife is going for a twenty mile run as we both trained for a marathon. Back then, I rarely talked during a run. I always ran by myself.  She always ran and chatted with others.  She thought my silence meant I wasn’t interested. I was. Good thing we kept running together. We figured it out.

One of the things that I learned that day is that is usually always better to run with someone. If you have a good running buddy, the miles just fly by. Of course, if you find a group to run with, it’s like ten times better. I love that runners are instant community. If a friend called tomorrow, “Hey my buddy is in town and wants to go for a run tomorrow, will you show him around?” Done. 5am run? No problem.

It’s the same everywhere I’ve traveled.  Runners are an international community that welcome all as if they have known each other for years. New guy in town? No problem! Want to join our group run while your in town? Come along! Want to stay for the post-run breakfast? Easy,  we’d love to hear your experiences!

The featured photo for this post I selected because I love races. When else can you run together with a few thousand of your closest friends. It’s a unique running experience. You stop traffic. You streak down the middle of avenues and tunnels like you own the place. Strangers yell for you! Go, You in the Blue! You’re awesome! Keep Moving! The finish is almost there! (It’s not, but that’s okay!) It’s a good day for both for all of us. Races are our personal Super Bowl that we can experience several times a year if we like.

This Site

So, this site is an experiment. I want to give back to the running community. I’m going to publish things that I think other runners might like, appreciate, and share with their friends. Hopefully, I’ll meet new runners, and we can encourage each other from around the world. Please comment, and share your experiences and thoughts.

Also, it gives me a chance to talk about running as much as I like.  Seriously, what runner doesn’t like talking about running?

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